Coloradoan Questionnaire

  1. Should Fort Collins direct additional funding to Transfort to establish 365–‐day transit service?
    Yes, we need to continue working with our funding partners.
  2. Do you support changing the city’s residential occupancy regulations known as “You + 2?”
    Yes, we should conduct affordability analysis as part of the 10–‐year study to inform consideration of “right–‐sizing” the ordinance to the safe capacity of the dwelling.
  3. Should Fort Collins continue fighting the federal “Free the Nipple” lawsuit regarding the city’s restrictions on women appearing topless in public?
    Yes, we need to get a decision for the City’s appeal from the 10th Circuit Court.
  4. Should Fort Collins provide broadband services such as high–‐speed internet as a city utility?
    Yes, we need to hear the recommendation from the City staff on the business case for the three options; status quo is not an option.
  5. Should the city do more to address disruptive behaviors in Old Town?
    Yes, we need to address public right–‐of–‐way issues and safety issues for all citizens enjoying Old Town.

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