Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #3 Candidate Questionnaire

My answers to the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge #3 questions are in the attached PDF and below:

1. What are your views on collective bargaining for public safety employees?

The current method seems to be working well in Fort Collins. With that said, it is important to acknowledge that Fort Collins citizens voted in 2008 against a citizen-initiated charter change granting collective bargaining for public safety employees.

2. Would you work with Public Safety representatives to implement the “Public Employee-Employer Cooperation Act,” which would recognize the right of public safety employees to bargain collectively over hours, wages, and working conditions in every state and their sub-divisions in our country?

I am interested in serving all the citizens in Fort Collins. I believe the citizens are currently being well served and it seems to be working well.

3. Would you support a change to the City Charter providing for conflict resolution in the event of an impasse during contract negotiations? Why or Why Not?

No, city charter already covers any such impasse appropriately. I am conformable with the voter-approved method.

4. Would you support binding arbitration to resolve conflicts in negotiations by a neutral third party who would be mandated to consider management rights, the economic status, and financial issues of the city before rendering a decision?

No. The city has shown that we can resolve issues amiably.

5. Give us your thoughts on the process of Budgeting for Outcomes (revenue forecasting model)?

I am supportive of budgeting for outcomes process. This allows the city and City Council focus on the outcomes, e.g., safe communities, we desire as a community.

6. Please list the 3 most important issues facing the City of Fort Collins over the next 2 years, and explain why you feel they are the most important issues.

I have strived to bring practical, common sense leadership to civic issues that impact individuals, families, neighborhood residents and business owners who live, work and care about Fort Collins’ future. I will continue to provide leadership for 1) economic health and prosperity for all citizens, 2) substantive actions and accountability for a sustainable future, and 3) collaboration and partnerships throughout our community and region.

7. What will you do to improve health care and better benefits for city employees?

As Mayor serving on the finance committee, our policy and practice is to make benefits market-based. We look at the data and comparables to provide for market-based benefits. Data matters.

8. The City of Fort Collins markets it employees as World Class on its website and on posters in many City facilities. We would like your opinion on what it means to be a World Class Employer and how you would work to make the relationship between Bargaining Unit Members/City Staff/City Council better.

The City of Fort Collins has world-class employees in a world-class community. This means having market-based pay and benefits in a great community We can differentiate ourselves by being a great community, having a great culture to live and work and by providing great facilities. We need to have the best people, best facilities, and best training.

9. In your opinion, what could the Bargaining Unit and Bargaining Agent (FOP) do to enhance the relationship with Council?

I suggest that the FOP continue the current level of communication with Mayor and the City Council. We need to continuously improve working together. I would be glad to meet with the FOP at any convenient time and place.

10. Please add any comments you feel would be important to us in deciding to endorse your candidacy in the upcoming election.

As Mayor and serving on City Council for 10 year, I have experience and provided the leadership in keeping Fort Collins a wonderful place to live, work, play, raise a family, study, grow a business, innovate, and improve the city’s natural environment.

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