Fort Collins Business Community Candidate Questionnaire

See all of my answers to the Fort Collins Business Community Candidate Questionnaire below and in the attached PDF.


Mayor Troxell received his BS-Engineering Science (1980), MS-Mechanical Engineering (1982) and Ph.D.- Mechanical Engineering (1987) degrees from CSU. He was a NATO Post Doctoral Fellow at the University of Edinburgh. He has been on the faculty in the Department of Mechanical Engineering since 1985. Mayor Troxell is a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

Past and Present Community Service Including Offices Held:

Wade Troxell is the Mayor of Fort Collins, Colorado. He was elected in April 2015 and in his first term as mayor. Wade is on the faculty and the Associate Department Head, Mechanical Engineering, at Colorado State University. He is past Associate Dean for Research and Economic Development in the College of Engineering at CSU. Mayor Troxell currently serves on the Platte River Power Authority Board of Directors, served as Chair-National League of Cities (NLC) Universities Communities Council (UCC), serving on Executive Board – Colorado Municipal League, currently Chair – Northern Colorado Regional Airport Commission, City of Fort Collins/Colorado State University Leadership Committee, and .Chair – City of Fort Collins Future’s Committee. Previous to serving as mayor, he was twice elected to the Fort Collins City Council representing District 4. Mayor Troxell is an internationally recognized expert in the areas of intelligent robotics and intelligent control of distributed infrastructure systems. His smart grid research has focused on intelligent systems and the integration of the distributed energy resources (DER), including renewable energy and storage, into the electric power grid. He has conducted educational, research and outreach activities with more than $12 million from industrial and federal funding sources. He was a founder and now an emeritus member of the US DOE Gridwise Architectural Council. He is a past ASME Senior Vice President.

Other community service activities include:

  • Appointed to the State of Colorado Smart Grid Task Force per legislation SB10-180
  • Served on the Board of Directors of the Colorado State University Alumni Association
  • Served on the Board of Directors of the First United Presbyterian Church Foundation.
  • Past Member of Colorado State University Alumni Association
  • Member of the CSU Alumni Athletes Association
  • Helped form the FIRST Robotics in Fort Collins with the formation of the Poudre High School Alpine Robotics Team in 1994 and the Colorado FIRST Robot Lego League
    competition in Fort Collins.
  • Sponsored and made presentations at Merit Badge University for Boy Scouts, Young Scholars, MESA, and Odyssey of the Mind student groups (K-12) on civic responsibility, science, engineering, and building “robots”.

Past and Present Employment/Business Experience:

Mayor Troxell co-founded Sixth Dimension, Inc., a provider of a communications and control network for the electric power industry integrating in distributed energy resources into the distribution grid. As President/COO, he led this early-staged company through three rounds of venture financing totaling over $18 million involving some of the top energy venture firms.
Comverge acquired Sixth Dimension.

Mayor Troxell established NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) in Colorado and  Wyoming. He served as Executive Director for five years. MAMTC served small to medium manufacturers become more competitive and profitable. MAMTC provided services by connecting to providers across a full range of capabilities that include management, process improvement and product development.

Specific Qualifications For This Office:

Mayor Troxell was first elected mayor in April 2015. He is serving his first term. Prior to being mayor, he was a City Council member representing District 4, first elected in 2007 and re-elected in 2011. Troxell has brought practical, common sense leadership to civic issues that impact individuals, families, neighborhood residents and business owners who live, work and care about Fort Collins’ future. As mayor, he has served on the Platte River Power Authority board, chairs the Northern Colorado Regional Airport Commission, serves on the Colorado Municipal League Executive Board, chairs the city’s Futures Committee, and is past chair of the University Communities Council of the National League of Cities.

Why Are You Running For This Office?

Work still needs to be done to achieve this future. It is the citizens that make Fort Collins a great place. People are passionate about Fort Collins. They care about quality of life. They care about each other. They live to make a difference in our community.

Mayor Troxell has provided the leadership in keeping Fort Collins a wonderful place to live, work, play, raise a family, study, grow a business, innovate, and improve the city’s natural

Mayor Troxell has been a trusted advocate for clean energy and water innovation technologies.  Fort Collins is recognized in the Lemelson “Places of Invention” exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C. He sees Fort Collins as “go to” place for clean energy and water innovation and is committed to furthering our city’s economic future.

If you are elected, what are the top three accomplishments you want to have completed by the end of your term and how will you get them done?

Throughout his first term, Mayor Troxell has focused on innovative solutions and civic leadership for youth and young adults. If re-elected for a second term, Troxell will continue to provide leadership for 1) economic health and prosperity for all citizens, 2) substantive actions and accountability for a sustainable future, and 3) collaboration and partnerships throughout our
community and region.

What do you think are the top 3 economic priorities the city government should undertake during the next two years?

The top 3 economic priorities for city government is (1) maintain a business friendly community, (2) provide for the desirable amenities that make Fort Collins a great place, and (3) keep Fort
Collins safe and friendly community.

What role should the City of Fort Collins have in economic development?

Fort Collins is to active in economic development through the Economic Health office. It plays a key role in the top economic priorities describe above.

How will you make the economy a City budget priority?

In the City budget, economic health is exhibited throughout the seven outcome areas of the budget.  I pledge to support:

  • Economic Health – a healthy, sustainable economy reflecting the values of our unique community in a changing world.
  • Environmental Health – promote, protect and enhance a healthy and sustainable environment.
  • Neighborhood Livability – foster and support a variety of quality neighborhoods.
  • Safe Community – provide a safe place to live, work, learn and play.
  • Cultural and Recreational Opportunities – encourage and provide diverse cultural and recreational opportunities.
  • Transportation – provide for safe and reliable multi-modal travel to, from, and throughout the City.
  • High Performing Government – exemplify an efficient, innovative, transparent, effective and collaborative city government.

It is important to make decisions that will positive for future generations to live in Fort Collins.  The City Council needs to balance competing needs that keeps Fort Collins a great place in terms
of its key areas and outcomes.

How will you make Fort Collins a more Jobs Friendly community?

Fort Collins is a “friendly community” by (1) (work) have opportunities for employment, (2) (live) having housing availability to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of employees and employers. (3) (play) having a wonderful community for activities and commerce to meet their needs, (4) (educate) having broad spectrum of educational opportunities to improve and grow in the workforce capacities, and (5) (innovate) have the environment to start and grow a business to provide innovative solutions and employment opportunities.

Are you willing to engage with business leaders to discuss these solutions? Please explain how you will stay in touch with business leaders.

Mayor Troxell will continue to meet with business leaders in the community on a regular basis to discuss issues and solutions.

What role should the City of Fort Collins have in the region?

Fort Collins’ self-determination is dependent upon out leadership in the region. A vibrant regional economy, multimodal transportation systems, clean water and water storage for the future, and clean energy are important issues facing Northern Colorado. Fort Collins needs to engage as a solid partner with others in the region.

What do you believe are the top issues facing Northern Colorado in the next several years?

Mayor Troxell sees a vibrant future for Fort Collins and feels collaboration and public-private partnerships make Fort Collins a better place. Fort Collins is at the table as a full partner with our neighbors. Mayor Troxell has fostered relationships with all the Northern Colorado mayors, our State legislators, and Congressional delegation on issues impacting Fort Collins and Northern Colorado. Top issues facing improvements of I-25 North and transportation infrastructure, railroad crossings and urban train noise, drought mitigation and water storage projects, river health, community separators and open space, multi-modal transportation and transit, trails, first responder training facilities, economic potential realization of the Northern Colorado Regional Airport and engagement with all water providers in the Fort Collins GMA. It is time look at formalizing the coordination of regional governments.

Colorado will continue to grow, including our area. How should the City Council plan for growth, if at all?

Planning is a hallmark of why Fort Collins has continued to be the “Choice City” and a great place to live, work and play. The next two years are critical to Fort Collins as the City embarks on it new City Plan update that will include transportation and transit master plans. Leadership during this period is critical to the next 30-50 years as Fort Collins builds out.

What are the top two issues facing city government over the next 2 years and why do you believe they are the most important?

Two top issues over the next two years facing City Council will be (1) broadband service to our community, and (2) water storage. Status quo given the two broadband providers is no longer option for the future of Fort Collins. City Council will make the decision to go to 10 G broadband in one of three ways – enter into a franchise agreement, a public-private partnership or establish a broadband utility. Over the next 2 years, two future water storage projects will be determined, namely Halligan Reservoir and NISP. Both of these projects are important to Fort Collins in different ways.

In recent years, the City Council has been prone to push ahead on issues that are clearly not popular with the public. An example would be trash districting. Though public support was absent, the Council pressed forward with the results being significant negative response by the public and hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars spent on consultants and staff time.  What would you do to ensure good governance and the prudent use of staff time and resources?

As Mayor Troxell has done in his first term, the City Council has set priorities and then stayed on course for those priorities. This keeps exclusionary activities such as trash districting to a minimum. Good governance is transparent and reflects the true interests of Fort Collins’ citizens.

Troxell has consistently been an independent voice standing up for a broad base of Fort Collins’ citizens across the spectrum that has been ignored by the majority on City Council on a number of issues. He was the outspoken critic of trash districting when the majority flipped in the 11½ hour when 600 citizens stormed City Hall. On the Eastside/Westside Neighborhood restrictions ordinance, he was a lone voice and vote on Council. He and the previous Mayor were on the short side of Plastic Bag Fee Ordinance, 5-2. He supported the petition drive by citizens to
repeal the ordinance on the plastic bag fee. The successful citizen petition effort forced the rest of the current Council members to repeal this ordinance.

The City adopted very aggressive Climate goals in 2016. What role does government have in driving achievement of those goals?

Mayor Troxell has been key to keep the aspirational goals grounded in what makes sense for Fort Collins. He is focused on the climate economy and innovation to meet our future needs. The City
as a Platform is key to realizing this future. It is a economic health initiative. Fort Collins’ future will be better for the balanced approach that Mayor Troxell is bringing to the discussion.

Past droughts and the High Park Fire showcased how vulnerable the City is to lack of water storage. What would you do to help the City be better prepared for water emergencies?

Mayor Troxell wants to foster better collaboration and partnerships in our community and region to provide for clean water and water storage for the future. He supports the full expansion of the Halligan Reservoir, but now the proposal is less than that. He as consistently pointed out that the NISP project positively impacts 8000 Fort Collins water users supplied by the Fort   Collins-Loveland District. He supports the bringing together of the three water districts and FC Water Utilities to better utilize not only water resources, but also better utilization of our water infrastructure and capital investments. He has been a leader in forming the Colorado Water Innovation Cluster to help make water technology solutions become a greater economic driver
through our talent and innovation capacity.

What are the top three transportation improvements the City of Fort Collins should accomplish? Should the City of Fort Collins be investing in North I-25?

  1. North I-25
  2. Northern Colorado Regional Airport
  3. Bridges and trails improvements

The City of Fort Collins has been investing if North I-25 as we and other communities should be.

Why would a business person support your election to office?

Mayor Troxell best represents the broad middle of Fort Collins who like to live, work, recreate, build and grow a business, start a business, study and research, relax and retire. With over 1200 business in Fort Collins, we need to address the needs from the start up company, mom and pop business to the well-established businesses. I know this community and I know how important economic well being and wealth creation is fundamental to our quality of life we enjoy.

If business groups endorse you, is there any significant information that could come out about you during a campaign that could potentially embarrass you (and them) publicly? (ex: bankruptcy, arrest, conviction, etc.)


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